We are a worldwide leading manufacturer of brush wire. Our product range comprises all sorts of crimped, straightened and plain wires for applicatin in the brush industry. High customer orientation is an essential part of our corporate philosophy. We keep a close and supportive contact with our customers and provide a high level technical expertise and consulting service, made to measure according to the requirements of each customer application.

ISO 9001-15 Certificate

Rothstein Draht GmbH processes both stainless steel, steel and iron in all qualities as well as non-ferrous metals like brass, bronze, copper and german silver to applicable wires for brushes, springs and ropes. Wires are available in every bespoke shape: crimped, straightened or plain, in rings or coiled on bobbins, spools or cut to specific lengths and with counted number of ends, according to our customer’s requirements. In view of crimpings we work with the RO standard, in order to guarantee for a continuous cirmping quality and shape. Wire thicknesses range between 0.06 and 1.2 mm (0.002 and 0.05 inch).

More than 100 years of experience, combined with continuously improved manufacturing technology in our production plant are the basis of our extensive know-how.

The production is realized on specially engineered machines that have been modernized again and again over the years. Therefore, we are able to provide high flexibility and allow for high effectiveness and short delivery times, in order to fulfill our customer’s requirements.

Many longtime and satisfied customers worldwide rely on the quality of Rothstein Draht. Do not hesitate to contact us for questions and inquiries. We would be pleased to support you in your project.